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The Gold

  • United Mining and Metals historical documents reference areas of 1 oz. of gold per 2.8-9.6 cubic yards, including very large specimen gold; some reference over 12.9 oz. per cubic yard in some areas, 1953 DOGAMI letter)

  • Tested ground gives estimate...1 oz every 24 cubic yards and the 3' above and down to bedrock averaged 1 oz of gold every 4.8 cubic yards  (Wyant Placers, page 6)

  • 1946 DOGAMI letter, "Wyant Placers"): "These claims have been acquired by Mr. Wyant over a period of years beginning in 1900 and they have been worked regularly and successfully by him ever since...operations have been on a small scale, handwork basis. An exceptional abundance of nuggets weighing from one half to one ounce are received regularly and two fourteen ounce nuggets together with several six and eight ounce nuggets have been found. One of these fourteen ounce nuggets is on display in the First National Bank in Baker, Oregon." 

  • High Bar is a placer gold deposit with no overburden. Gold begins at the surface

  • Located in historically gold-rich Baker County, Oregon

  • 2014 testing recovered approx. 1000 oz. gold on 2.5 acres

  • Gold is 87-88% pure with 12% Silver

The Water

High Bar gold (2).jpg
Abundant Water
  • 2 Wells on Property

    • 1st Well is strong (approx. 240 gpm) and has produced over 24 million gallons of water

    • 2nd well is strong, approx. 200 gpm.

    • Additional water available from the Burnt River from the original United Mining and Metals Point Of Diversion (P.O.D.). Water is abundant!

High Bar Well.JPG

Other Info

  • Unpatented contiguous claims totaling approximately 2,033 acres

  • Almost entirely virgin ground

  • The claims, many referenced in historical documents (United Mining and Metals, Pine Creek) are approximately 2,033 acres. 

  • Approved 20 Year Plan Of Operation for 217 acres: this parcel is SOLD

    • owner may entertain JV with buyer​

  • Currently Approved for 6,000 cubic yards/day of mining: this parcel is SOLD

  • Long mining season

  • High Bar is not in a remote region; easy access to parts, supplies and labor

  • Test holes over a large part of the plateau show defined strata

  • Property is easy to test

  • Owners will consider doing a tiered-deal (buy-in as you go) with a down-payment

  • Phase-In with Purchase Option on remainder

No Overburden


This is one of the largest, contiguous, historically rich gold mines for sale. It has everything a discerning buyer wants: a historically rich deposit and abundant water.

This is a deposit famous for not only its richness, but also for the abundance of jewelry grade specimen gold and nuggets found here. For the first time in its history, this deposit now has the water needed to finally mine it. The previous lack of water to mine meant that almost this entire mine is virgin ground. 

The Ownership group  spent millions on assembling these world-class claims,   drilling wells, testing the site, etc.

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